Philip was born and raised in the Philadelphia area
    • while very young, he banged on many instruments,
to include the clarinet, violin, and kazoo
    • while young, he picked up a guitar
    • while still young, he started writing songs and left  
       home for Vermont
    • as a young adult, he played full-time hockey in the  
       Mid-West and Canada
    • a bit later, he attended the US Air Force Academy
    • later in life, he served as an officer in the US military
    • he is a graduate of the MIT Sloan School of   
      Management and an Entrepreneur

Spotlight: Chris Dempsy
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*Photograph by Jessica Cohen
"Cohen’s spry, reedy voice navigates all sorts of minor
key left turns and lilting grace notes that flutter around
memories of loved ones packing their bags or coming
home from surgeries."          - The Boston Globe